Another old roof needed some love! ❤️

Ypsilanti, Mi

June 3, 2024

Another old roof needed some love! ❤️ This Ypsilanti project involved a 2-layer shingle tear-off, chimney capping, partial deck replacement, and crucial ventilation upgrades. When an old roof is neglected and ventilation is done wrong, a careful hand is essential to fix it. 🛠️

We added soffit vents to bring in fresh air and removed moldy wood, ensuring this roof will perform beyond its warranty life! 🌬️🏠 Proper ventilation is key to extending your roof’s lifespan and maintaining a healthy home.

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Freshly replaced shingles on a roof Old and moldy roof decking Newly Installed roof decking old and neglected chimney capping Newly capped and renovated chimney Old and neglected ventilation In progress shingle installation Completed job beauty shot