Flat roof drainage systems diagram

Flat Roofs: Gutter and Drains Matter!

Leaks on valuable merchandise or equipment, structure rot, and roof rot are all situations  commercial building owners and managers want to avoid.  First line of defense is a high-quality, maintained roof drainage system.  If this is in order, you are all set up to prevent expensive damage from rain, snow, wind, and wildfire.

High-quality flat roof drainage systems allow for proper water flow.  This flow reduces the risk for interior water damage to the building which is frequently caused by water backing up onto the flat roof.  Flat roof drainage systems also serve as excellent conduits for melting snow which decreases the weight load bearing down on the commercial roof.

Roof gutter and drainage maintenance MUST be a significant part of your overall building maintenance plan due to certain problems that can arise on a seasonal, if not monthly, basis.  Problems to look out for are:

  • Ice dams that can trap the snow and ice on a flat roof. This increases the roof load.
  • The accumulation of natural debris (leaves, branches, bird nests, etc.) which serves to back up water flow onto your flat roof and the building structure.
  • Improperly sloped gutters or misaligned drain spouts cause water build-up which lead to gutter, roof and structural damage. Also, be alert that water can accumulate too close against your building leading to further damage.

Gutter and Roof Drains are a BIG DEAL…………for any structure. As managers of  commercial buildings, be sure to take the time, NOW, to inspect your flat roof gutter and drainage systems frequently.  The trouble you take today will save you a TON of trouble (time and money) in the future.