Skylights: Pros and Cons

If you are pondering the idea of adding roof skylights, now is the season to get serious, and do your research.  The right types of skylights can add a lot of beauty and warmth to any room, but before jumping in, identify the pros and cons.


  1. Can adds about 30% more light into a room than regular windows.
  2. Can lower your energy bill; more natural lighting means less electrical light, lower energy bills.
  3. Can provide better ventilation because skylights draw warm air up to vents. 
  4. Can maintain privacy while still providing more light.
  5. Most of the modern and high-quality skylights are much more reliable with fewer leaks.
  6. There are many styles to choose from and those tailored to suit a variety of environments.


  1. Are costly. When professionally done it can be between $500 and $3000 per skylight. 
  2. The project might be more costly and complicated than you think if pipes, wiring or HVAC are in discovered to be in the way.
  3. If not installed properly, there can be major problems with leaks, modern or old style.
  4. You can’t install just any size skylight into any roof.  You and your roofing professional should first identify the type of roof you’re working with, truss or a conventionally framed roof.  Truss roofs are more limiting concerning the size of window that can be installed into your roof. 

Quality skylights, professionally installed into your roofing system can add much beauty to your home. You can work with your roofing specialist today to see what type of roofing system you have and what he/she can best recommend for your home.  This is a great time of year to let the sun shine in!