Skylights: Pros and Cons

If you are pondering the idea of adding roof skylights, now is the season to get serious, and do your research.  The right types of skylights can add a lot of beauty and warmth to any room, but before jumping in, identify the pros and cons. PROS Can …Read More

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Skylight Condensation

If your skylight (roof light) appears to be leaking, this might not be the case.  It could be a leak, but then it could be just condensation.  If the only time you notice water dripping from your skylight is during extreme temperature changes rather than when it’s raining, then your problem …Read More

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Winter and Your Roof

Except for the winter sport enthusiasts, winter is no one’s friend and that includes our roof and gutter systems.  Entering the season with knowledge helps a preparedness of mind and the inclination to look for little problems before they get to be HUGE problems.  Paying attention to …Read More

Roof wood frame

Roof Structure and Skylights

Skylights can be a great idea!  They bring in more natural light to your home, reducing the need for artificial light and therefore, reducing the lighting bill, but before you do anything, be sure you know your roof! Skylight installation will be different depending on the type …Read More

Fallen tree on roof

Your Roof AFTER a Storm

We’ve been getting a lot of summer storms lately, so it's important for all homeowners to be aware of what they can do to protect a major home investment, their roof.  AH Construction recommends that you keep an eye out for any possible damage that could occur as …Read More

Parts of Your Roofing Ventilation System

Good ventilation is what you want when it comes to a healthy roofing system.  When the ventilation system works well, energy use operates at high efficiency, and you avoid damage to the shingles, wood framing, ceiling, siding, paint and wall paper of your home. Your home roofing ventilation …Read More

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It’s Summer! The Importance of Roof Ventilation

Roof ventilation is critical to any roofing system.  It affects the longevity of your roof, as well as the cost of energy spent trying to cool your home in these hot summer months.  Good roofing ventilation gives great benefits. It……….. 1. Extends the life of your roof. This happens …Read More

Spring Inspections: Your Roof!

Spring time is one of the best times to have your asphalt sloped roof inspected.  Problems caught early and repaired will save your structure from further damage inside and out. The asphalt sloped roof requires an exterior and interior inspection. As the homeowner, you want a regular …Read More

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Roofing Season All Year Long

Roofers do work all year long. As a matter of fact, some prefer the colder weather because of the extreme heat during the summer. Yes, the winter or cold weather should never stop home or business owners from getting the repairs needed on their roof. Leaks and …Read More

Close up view of roof shingles with wind damage

Wind Damage to Your Roof

Wind storms can do a lot more damage than you think, and it doesn't take a tree to fall on your house or the roof to blow off to have a major negative impact. So be sure to inspect your roof after heavy wind storms. To ensure your …Read More

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What is Roofing Scrim?

Scrim is a non woven material used for reinforcing roofing.  It’s a relatively new product of technology, more effective than woven fibers. The fibers that make up roofing scrim are chemically bonded, and can be joined at a variety of angles, all adding to its strength and …Read More