Fallen tree on roof

Your Roof AFTER a Storm

We’ve been getting a lot of summer storms lately, so it’s important for all homeowners to be aware of what they can do to protect a major home investment, their roof.

 AH Construction recommends that you keep an eye out for any possible damage that could occur as a result of such storms. Just follow these easy steps.

  1. Start in the Attic, if accessible, during the day time. A sign of a problem is if you can see sunlight showing through the wood decking of the roof.  This is a clear indication of holes that need repair.   If there are no obvious holes, then use a flashlight to inspect your decking for dark stains, streaks and/or sagging.  All of these are signs of moisture problems.
  2. Next move outside.Stay on the ground, please, and just walk around your house.  Look up and down.
    1. You might see missing shingles on the roof or shingles lying on the ground.  Both indicate a need for repair.  As you’re looking up, note any cracked or curled shingles.  This is usually caused by high winds and flying debris.  Such shingles will likely let in moisture.
    2. Note any dark patches where shingle granules have come off. Of course, you’ll note that this affects the look, but even more important, it leaves your shingles victim to the sun. This leads to dry-out of the asphalt and leaks for you.
    3. Observe the flashing on your roof. Is it bent or detached?  We want it thoroughly attached because it helps keep water from chimney vents and other roof penetrations.  Your flashing needs a thorough seal, to prevent water from seeping in.
    4. Lastly look for any debris left on your roof from a storm. Branches might seem harmless, but they actually rub the granules loose from your shingles or they may be covering a crack that needs repair.

Simple actions like these can save the homeowner a lot of trouble down the road. Getting your Roof Professional to take care of the damage sooner than later will save you great future expense.  So stay SAFE, be aware, and check out those roofs the best you can!