Time for That Autumn Roof Check!!

Autumn is a perfect time to ensure that your Duro-last roof is in good shape for the severe winter weather ahead. The best approach is to hire a professional roof inspector to do the job so that all the critical points are covered. As the roof owner, you’ll want a knowledge of those components so you have confidence when hiring the inspection, knowing what to expect.

After the summer season, your roof has been exposed to two main stresses, the wind and the sun.

Wind damage can lead to air getting underneath and causing the roofing material to form wrinkles or bubbles. Loose and unfastened material will lead to leaks in the near future. Best to deal with it BEFORE the problem arises.

Sun damage can happen as a result of the heat and UV rays causing blistering and splitting of your traditional flat roof. However, if you have the “Cool Roof” options for your flat roof, which means you opted for a white roofing membrane, usually you will have no problem.

A thorough roof inspection includes a roof walk, with eyes upon a number of details:

  • Checking for a build up of debris (branches, leaves, trash) and dirt
  • Seeing if gutters are full of leaves or other materials that could cause a back-up or leakage
  • Looking for cracks, splits, tears, bubbles, or wrinkles in the roofing material
  • Confirming that sealants and flashing materials are secure
  • Inspecting roof mounted units, pipes, and vents for cracks or failed termination

Next the inspection needs to go into the INSIDE of the building where the inspector will be looking for stained ceilings and walls.

After the more intense weather conditions of the summer, you want your roof inspected so that, if necessary, repairs can be made preventing more expensive issues to arise in the near future. A little precaution now can save a lot of worry and money later on.