flat roof

Your Duro-Last Roof: Care and Cleaning

The choice of a Duro-Last flat roof for your commercial structures is a great move. Not only are they one of the highest quality commercial roofs out there, but they are almost maintenance free.

Nevertheless, although Duro-Last roofs usually start out white or gray, over time, some fading and stains will be noticed due to the weather, and the debris that falls upon or blows across your it. Here are a few helpful tips for the care and cleaning of your Duro-Last flat roof.


Very important! Do NOT use any asphalt products to maintain your Duro-Last flat roofs! PVC membranes should not come into contact with any asphalt or asphalt products. The asphalt bleeds into the membrane making it very difficult or almost impossible to remove. This is bad for it weakens the membrane either by reducing or eliminating it’s effectiveness to keep out the water -which is the whole point!

So be sure that ALL sealants, fillers and caulks are ASPHALT-FREE, otherwise you could end up with a very damaged commercial roof. Just to be safe, also communicate this with any contractors you hire in the future to work on your flat roof, and this  includes HVAC installers and maintenance workers. The more awareness, the safer your roof will be.


The best method to brighten your Duro-Last flat roof is the use of a scrub brush. You can scrub any built up dust with a SOFT-bristle brush and a NON-solvent cleaner. Afterwards either sweep the water into the drain or just let the roof dry on its own. If your hose reaches, spray the roof with water which will both remove any debris that fell on your roof during the cleaning process, plus do an even better job of removing all of the NON-solvent cleaner. With only a few steps to follow, you will note a satisfying difference.